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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  January 7, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now i can heal on a deeper level. beautiful. [ female announcer ] new moisture wrap body lotion. neutrogena skin care. #1 dermatologist recommended. this is wjz-tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> good morning maryland, now
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don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz's news team, your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz, maryland's news station. it is with deep regret and sadness that i am resigning from mayor of baltimore effective february 4th. sheila dixon down to the final days as mayor. the plea deal she worked out yesterday and what comes next for this city is coming up for you this morning. first, sharon gibala is trying to keep track of the water main breaks as tim williams in for marty bass. >> good morning everyone. we have a dry but cold day today with changes on the way with. in the next 12 -- 24 hour or so. we do have a system moving in our direction, not a lot of moisture but it will move this
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little moisture into a lot of cold air, as a result we have snow after midnight until rush hour, now in 20s, 24, and 30 elkin, and 28 in ocean city, 26 west minister, and 29 on kent island. these are the same temperatures we will teal with in the overnight. the national weather service as issued a winter weather advisory. one to three inches we expect from 10:00 tonight through 10:00 in the morning. again the winds are just a little calmer than they have been. our daytime high, 38 into the 20s, your complete forecast is coming up many just a moment. >> where's the water and ice this morning, wjz traffic control. >> in the city, we have a long list of water main break, we will talk about the roads effected. you will find a water main break near swansee road, and wood born, herring run between
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gibbons, west 29th, wiped south win ward between lumbar bard and west 30th between miles avenue and huntington. otherwise, everything running smoothly there as you lookout side, looking good. west side wide open and full speed. same thing for the topside of the beltway and hartford road. remember wjz is always on. for traffic information any time log on to >> here is what people will be talking about today, the surprise announcement that will fine her leadership legacy. sheila dixon will resign ending her tune tenure as mayor. andrea is live with reaction, but we will begin with mary r bubala with more on the mayor's tearful good-bye. good morning, don and good morning everybody. mayor dixon's reign is coming to an end. the surprise plea deal was announced late yesterday afternoon, and soon after she made her first public comments.
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>> after 22 years in public office, three as the mayor of baltimore, sheila dixon is done. l. >> it is with deep regret and sadness that i am resigning from mayor of baltimore effective february 4th. >> reporter: two hours after making the plea deal, mayor dixon talked about the decision and showed emotion for the first time publicly. >> i am sad not because of the decision i made but because i have a great staff who worked har and i love them. [cheering and applause] i love the city, and i love the people of the city. and i am committed to this city, and whatever capacity or talent that god has called me to continue to do. >> reporter: the mayor then composed herself but instead of apologizing she accepted responsibility for some of the decisions she has made,
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referring program perhaps to the relationship with donald lip some or -- >> when you say an apology, what i owe the citizens is to move on, and bring closure to this, so we can continue to stay focused on the city. >> reporter: as for r what she will do when she resign, start her volunteer hours, the judge says she must serve 500 hours of community service. i'm mary bubala. back to you, don. mayor dixon could run for office again after two years but would she want to have public support if she did. our coverage continues. andrea is live with voter reaction to yesterday's resignation. good morning once again. >> reporter: yes, the mayor's resignation was a shock to most people and no matter what her constituents think of her it is what everyone is talking about today. >> the rise and fall of mayor
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sheila dixon. after struggling in for years, it was a swift tumble. for some there could with no other ending as she accepted a plea agreement bringing an end to a yearlong corruption probe. >> there's too much controversy, turmoil around. she was never going to get her name cleared. >> i have no sympathy for someone that is going to steal $600 make 155.8 thousand a month. so, her resignation would be the avoid of jail time. >> reporter: still others thought the mayor got a raw deal and was unfairly single led out. >> i thought it was very sad. i think it is more to it than just some cards or whatever. i think it is something, i think somebody was out to get her. >> reporter: wednesday night the topic was hot on talk radio. >> i'm a angry black female, three times angry. >> looking at the evidence i was like how was she going to get out of this one.
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>> as angry as i was i forgive sheila dixon. >> believe it is mayor ended up getting the better end of the plea agreement. >> this e worked out a deal that the march perjury case goes away, this case goes away, it is probation before judgment new york city criminal record, her pension has been saved. i think she worked out a very, very favorable deal. >> reporter: city council president stephanie takes over as mayor, it is not clear if she will keep dixon's staff. back to you. what's next for sheila dixon? she will resign february 4th and the city council president will become mayor and serve out the remaining two years thrvment will be no march perjury trial for dixon as you have heard, and she has been granted probation before judgment and will serve four years probation, pay $45,000 to a local charity and perform 500,000s of community service. she will also get to keep her
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$80,000 a year pension. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the mayor's resignation, for constant updates and background go to former child actor gary coleman is spending the night in a los angeles hospital after a seizure. the different strokes star says he was hospitalized yesterday after falling ill at a hotel in l. a. coleman who has had two failed kidney transplants was kept overnight for observation after receiving dialysis. >> >> another twist in the balloon boy saga, richard heeney says it was not a hoax after they pleaded guilty. he tells larry king, they entered that plea to avoid her deportation to japan. he claims it was not an attempt to plan a reality tv show as we have heard. >> the people weighed in and the stars aligned in los angeles last night. a record number of fans made
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their voices heard, for the 26th annual people's choice awards. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: pandemonium. >> skipped the red carpet. >> this is the night where the fans choose and decide. it is not political, about hollywood. it is about the people. >> it is exciting to get dressed up and see your fans. >> let's party. >> sandra bullock won big accepting favorite film actress and favorite comedy for the proposal l. >> i have learned to go through life with humor and you can go through life in a drama and still have humor. >> this is the -- have selected their favorites and this year a record breaking number of votes were cast. >> more than 16 million, many for jonny depp, for winning
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favorite actor of the decade. >> he single handedly made being a prior to fashionable again which is great unless you are r sailing an oil tanker off the coast of. >> maria carey went across the stage escorted by her husband to accept the favorite r&b artist award. >> thank you especially for helping me with this dress,. >> singer taylor swift just continued. >> this is my first people's choice award. i love you so much. >> it was the fans who say they won big getting up close and personal with some of their beloved stars on the people's night. in los angeles, wjz eyewitness news. we didn't show it but queen la latifa, and fans are gearing up for a ravens rally, breaking out purple pride for a team rally later today being held at
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the m&t head quarters branch on south charles, free team photos and can enter a raffle for several footballs signed by players. how far could the ravens go in the postseason. step one comes sunday in new england. you can see the game right here on wjz 13 our exclusive coverage kicks off sunday afternoon at 1:00. you will need all of your gear if you are going up to that game. it is going to be really come. we are talking about temperatures in the 20s, upper 20s around 30 degrees. so it is going to be chilly but it is football weather. >> you can be dressed for. >> we are looking at temperatures around 35 to 38 degrees. that's the rains, a little chilly out for the north and west but we will give it a 38- degree daytime high, snow arriving by late tonight, talking around midnight and throw about rush hour tomorrow. one to three inches i keep
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saying expect maybe a few delays tomorrow. it will be a little slow going, doesn't take much to slow things down. >> going back to sunday, i will fly the fireplace and watch from my family room that will be nice. >> in a purple t-shirt. >> here's the roster. >> excuse me. >> did you say snow tomorrow. >> he did. >> i'm not feeling well. >> purple flu. >> carol is not feeling well either. it is like a purple flu going around. we are live at maryland's screen printers, and craig is here, good to see you. >> great to be here. thanks for coming. >> we will talk to craig, thousands of believe in purple t-shirts rolling off the presses everyday right here off. we will tell you about it how to get yours when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,, just trying
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>> >> it is 6:16. tim williams in the first warning weather center. >> we are dry conditions today, changes coming our way with a system that is moving across the heart land and really across the midwest and do i having down into our -- diving down into our region. we will see this late tonight and into tomorrow. temperatures right now are cold. this has been the case for the last two weeks. we have gotten so used to these cold temperatures it doesn't seem unusual anymore. 16 in haegerstown and around the immediate metro, everyone in the 20s to 30 in rock hall, 29 toward kent island, 30 in the d. c. suburbs, and 34 at marshall. winds are lighter today than the last few days, expect to see them start to level out here, with we will see some double digits, 12 miles per hour winds in cumberland and dc, 3 in el kin, 9 in east on and 9 in ocean city. we have this low pressure
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pulling a slight bit moisture, 1/10 to 1/4 of an inch of rain moveing into such cold air it is going to ring out all of the moisture, that we see. so as a result, national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for all of the areas stated in the light from 10:00 p.m. tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning. this is pretty much an overnight event tapering off tomorrow morning, we will see snowers and the end of this. there's a winter storm warning in effect for lake effect snows combined with what is moveing into our direction. now the cold air is going to be in place after the storm moves on by. temperatures will really take a nose dive and we will see a short bit of time where the snow is in place but the overnight lows don't get out of the teens. it is 7:26 small craft advisory lifted as of 15 minutes ago. 6:00 this morning. here you go your forecast, times of cloud and sun, chilly today, overnight lows down to
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around 26-degree windshield snow around midnight, light accumulation is expected and 34 degrees tomorrow, and it is becoming windy, snow again in the morning hours and tapering offer looking for one to three inches of snow, we will show you where to see that falling coming up with the five day forecast in a few moment. >> >> thank you. as you travel, the chances are are good you will run into a water main break. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> with. >> we have several to talk about, we are go down the list. right now all of them are in the city, swanson, and gibbons and wood burn, west 29th, south win ward between lumbar bard and west 30th between huntington avenue. all of those could have closers there. there's a look at 95 running slow in the southbound lanes to the right. you will have to tap your breaks. everything looking good on the beltway. same goes for 295 at the beltway, there's a look at your drive times and speed if you
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are driving on the beltway all very close to full speed. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. so when you need to go in the rain, sleet or snow your toyota dealer has what's right for you. back over to you. thank you very much. you know, we were talking about snow tomorrow but it is a purple friday, don't forget. everybody wearing purple l. the rosterrer is at maryland screen printing this morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we are at maryland's screen printers. we are actually in baltimore city. at the city-county line; right. >> we are one building in the city. >> our friend, craig here, maryland screen printers always good to see you. >> glad to have you guys down. we have been in the playoff run, we have been excited the town is getting a little hyped up and hoping to get a big win on sunday. >> let talk about the believe in which is now on sale. many different locations, we have the dj, sports pages, all
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of the same shots, that have been selling our goods throughout the last few year. >> >> the boys,. >> how many of these are printing. >> we started monday morning and it has been received great, we are, the towns starting to get a little hyped up, the closer we get here and hopefully we will keep it going. >> of course as long as they keep winning it is good business for you. >> if we win this one we have indianapolis coming up. and that's always a good with one. >> we can talk about this because you guys did the beat indi shirts. >> he didn't know who we were playing until saturday night and you guys came out the next day, and we sold tens of thousands of shirts in a six day period. we didn't get the win but this time if we get there i think we will get the win. >> newman is looking for his cut by the way. >> yeah. and besides the believe in the purple, what do with e have here? >> we just did a deal with ray rice a couple of weeks ago, and
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it is see ray run t-shirt and we have a full color graphic on the front, the full color r name and number on the back. they have been doing well, joe still does well. he's the quarterback, and he's going to be here for a while. and people like quarterbacks can throw it 80 yards. >> what's it like the process we are watch thing morning? >> most of these desipes are six, seven, eight colors. so when we print a shirt, one person loads it on a man, the other person unloads it. >> bring it over here. >> and each station has another print head. so you print one color, dry the shirt and print another color and do on until it is off the machine. >> unbelievable. well, we wish you guys luck, withish the ravens luck sunday. a game you can see right here, kick off 1:00 against the new england patriots. by the how do you like the
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beanie. >> that's hot. they're doing well. >> thanks, guys. >> always good to see you. we want to mention one thing because the nfl has announced the next playoff game should we win or after we beat new england on sun, we would play the indianapolis colts in indianapolis saturday night, january 16th at 8:15 p.m. >> wow. >> so you can mark that, on your calendars, after the ravens beat new england, saturday night a week from saturday night, 8:15, prime time game, let's hope, okay. >> believe in the purple. >> believe in the purple. you got it. >> going to win the super bowl, baby. >> that's right. >> what does it say? we can't read it from here. >> we will get a shot. >> ray rice, number 27. >> baltimore football. >> got it. like that. >> thanks for r coming, guys. >> have a great day, stay warm. we will see you tomorrow in the
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snow. >> we will be there. >> i am really feeling lousy. >> i purple friday in the snow. >> a purple friday in the snow. >> the l be a purple l party, a snow party. >> you are right about that. >> all right. well, we will keep you posted on the snow. >> all right. >> and we will take a break and right back. breathe right, the small strip that gives you...
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. hello. it is just about one to three inches of snow area wide expected between midnight and rush hour tomorrow. here is your forecast for the day. we are look at temperatures today right around 38. tomorrow we get up to 32. with we will be in the 20s for much of day, so definitely anything that comes down is snow. it will be slick overnight with lows in teens and we start to clear out but get really cold, 28, 32 for saturday and sunday, 36 and 38 for monday and tuesday, overnight lows never warmer than about 24 degrees. thank you very much. regular season is over but like the ravens the profust ball challenge continues into the playoffs and beyond. here is jessica, at, with an update. hi guy, still not exactly sure how he did but tim williams has led every week of the regular season. taking a look at week 17
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standings, he has 180 point, we tied with 174, sports mike viviano makes the first apern with 173. the week, matt of bell air got 15 out of 16 games correct, wins a $35 maryland lottery prize back and a best buy gift certificate. still sign up at, click on the banner near the top of the home page. he is taking his bows across the room and yet to come can on the morning edition. >> sheila dixon prepares to leave city hall for good. more on the plea deal, the coming resignation, and her emotional public comments. with the mayor's announcement some think she got off too easy, others have already forgiven her. we have the public's reaction just ahead. sharon gibala with traffic control. with we have water main breaks, we will go down the list
6:28 am
straight ahead. right now it is going to tim. >> looking at accumulating snow in our direction, where and when in the complete updated first warning forecast. get ready for the gridiron in the persian gulf. on coffee with to talk tact holiday bowl where they teamed up with u.s. troops for flag football, a life changing experience for them. the morning edition continues in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is wjz-tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. good morning maryland, now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with wjz news team, and traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz maryland's news station. >> i love this city. [cheering and applause] >> and i love the people of this city. and i am committed to this city, in whatever capacity or talent that god has called me to continue to do. saying good-bye, mayor dixon talks publicly now what comes next. more on the resignation in a moment but first people in the city are dealing with water main breaks this morning. sharon will detail those right after tim williams at first warning weather.
6:32 am
good morning, don. good morning. first warning live, hopefully the water main breaks will be fixed before a mess comes our way tomorrow morning, a low pressure system driving weather in our direction wish not a lot of moisture with this but it is a bit of cold air in place, it is going to just ring all of the moisture out, what we are dealing with, one to three inches of snow by this time tomorrow. the story of the national weather service has issued the watches and warnings the winter weather advisory in effect for all of the lighter shaded areas, goes into effect at 10:00 tonight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and the far western edge of the state, they have been dealing with accumulating snow from the great lakes the last few day, the forecast looks like this, dry condition in place today, dry conditions in place with sunshine, and blue skies at a point, our daytime high of around 30. overnight lows in the 20s, the snow arriving near midnight. the complete updated first warning forecast in just a moment. >> there's ice. here is sharon at wjz
6:33 am
traffic control. >> we started with a bunch of water main breaks in the city. in fact look at this map, you can see we had six of them at this point, we have actually cleared up all but two. we have two working one on manasota and swansee. otherwise there's a lookout side at the west side of the beltway, looking good as far as drive times and speeds, close to par, 83 to 95 your slowest spot right now on the beltway with a 12 minute drive time. there's the topside at hartford road. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota, moverring forward. don back to you. here is what people are talking about this morning. mayor sheila dixon's decision to step down from office, part of an agreement with the prosecutor. the resignation is effective february 4th leaving less than a month for the success tore so get up to speed. we will continue our complete
6:34 am
coverage this morning. mary bubala and andrea has reaction. we begin with mary. >> reporter: good morning, don. and good morning, everybody. mayor sheila di son's reign is coming to an end, was announced late yesterday afternoon and soon after she made the first public comments. >> after 22 years in public office, three as the ma i yore of baltimore, sheila dixon is done. >> it was with deep regret and sadness that i am resigning from mayor of baltimore effective february 4th. >> reporter: two hours after the play deal, she stood before cameras and talked about her decision if and for the first time publicly showed emotion. >> i am sad not because of the decision i made but because i have a great staff who worked hard. and i love them. [cheering and applause] i love the city. [cheering and applause]
6:35 am
and i love the people of this city. and i am committed to this city, in whatever capacity or talent that god has called me to continue to do. >> reporter: the mayor then composed herself but instead of apologizing she accepted responsible for some of the decisions she has made referring to our relationship or the gift card she was found guilty of using that were supposed to go to the city's poor. >> when you say an apology, what i owe the citizens is to move on, bring closure to this so we can continue to stay focused on the city. >> as for what she will do, she will start her volunteer r hours. the judge as part of the plea deal says she must serve 500 hours of community service. >> people in baltimore city remain divided or seem oen the resignation this morning. we have the complete coverage with andrea live with voter
6:36 am
reaction. good morning, again. >> reporter: good morning everyone. some people were disapointed with the mayor's announcement, others were received for the end of an era. but no mat hear the emotion. one thing is for sure, everyone was shocked at the announcement. >> the rise and fall of mayor sheila dixon, after struggle for years to reach the top, it was a swift tumble. for some, there could be no other ending as she accepted a plea agreement bringing an end to a year's long corruption probe. >> there's too much controversy. she was never going to get her name cleared. >> i have no sympathy for someone who steal the money when they're making what she's making. so it would be to avoid jail time. others thought she got a raw deal and was unfairly singled out. >> i thought it was very sad. i think it is more to it than
6:37 am
just some cards or whatever, i think it is something, i think somebody was out to get her. >> wednesday night, the resignation was a hot topic on talk radio. >> i am an angry black female, three times angry at her. >> looking at the evidence i was like how was she going to get out of this one. >> as angry and disapointed as i was i forgive sheila dixon. >> political analysts believes the mayor got the better end of the plea agreement. >> she worked out a deal hah the march perjury case goes away, this case goes away, it is all probation before judgment, no criminal record, her pension has been saved. i think she worked out a very, very favorable deal. >> reporter: when city council president takes over, it is not clear if she will keep the mayor's staff. don, back to you. thank you very much hawaii is next for sheila dixon?
6:38 am
she will resign and the
6:39 am
while joking with a teammate but maintains he did nothing wrong. the incident is still under investigation but both federal and local authorities. >> a former bars ball star has finally received his call to the hall. andre dawson is only player to be welcomed in on this year's ballot, he had hit more than 4400 homers and 1600 rb i in two decades and says the news is a dream come true for him. >> it was my main goal to enjoy the game to play the game as i would play it as a kid, and in the end be able to know i left it all on the field. >> it was his ninth time on the ballot. fell just eight votes short of reaching the hall this time. around. in time. >> yes, nice for dawson and
6:40 am
hold on there. >> yep, maybe next time. >> no mark mcgwire, he is entrenched in the steroid era which is so far off of 100 votes something to that effect. a long way off for some of those guys now. >> some are saying a lot of asterisks for years to come. >> i think it will be. >> well, we are looking at 38 deimree, dry conditions, less wind than we've had. overnight lows down in 20s with snow arriving by late, late tonight. i expect by this time tomorrow, you could be driving slower taking your time because we expect to see roughly one to three inches, closer to three for most of us overnight. the first of the kind salute the troops ball. barry swifter and tommy bowdop head overseas for a little flag football in the desert.
6:41 am
and with the championship game. coming up next, sharon will update your traffic and tim is ,
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6:43 am
>> morning everyone. approaching 16 minutes before the hour, looking at what we
6:44 am
expect to see tomorrow by way of accumulation, snow accumulations after midnight and through rush hour tomorrow only a coating down on the eastern shore but really to st. maries right on over toward western maryland toward we will see the western edge of washington county, one to three inches of snow leaning toward the three than the one because of the cold, air in place, and the timing of this storm, in the overnight hours, of course higher elevations from western could see three to six inches of snow. as a result we have a went weather advisory, because of snow moving into the region. had is in effect from 10:00 tonight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, again winter storm warning, they have been dealing with lake effect snows for the last few days or so. they're dealing with that as well as the new storm system moving on through. right now temperatures are in the teens toward oakland, 16 is the coldest spot on the map, 28 down in ocean city, everyone in
6:45 am
the immediate metro, around there with rock hall at 30, being the warm spot on the map, and west minister, 24 columbia, and 29 down in annapolis. winds are light today, compared we have been in double digits most of the week but now an easing of that because of a storm system that is starting to ease away as that goes away, r we are looking at less pressure, between that storm and everything else. right now we are watching this a low pressure system across the midwest, and the coldest part of the overnight. that's why we have an all snow event, not expecting too much of a mixover rain and snow. it is all snow, and after it moves out of here, after tomorrow morning, cold air sets in and temperatures drop behind it. off night lows in the teens. we are going up to 38. times of cloud but it stays pretty chilly, and 26 degrees the overnight low, and 34 tomorrow becoming windy with snow in the a.m. and then that leaves us and we
6:46 am
are looking at 28, 15 as the low on saturday -- and the lows for monday and tuesday. what awaits you on the way to work or school this morning. here is sharon. >> not much. we will enjoy it because i have a feeling it is not so agreed tomorrow. we have one water main break but we started with six. manasotaa avenue. full speed on the top and west side. there's a live look at the west side. at 40 there's a look at 95 heavy volume there, you can tap your breaks between white marsh and the beltway, this report is brought to you by toyota. so when you need to go many the rain, sleet or snow, we have the right thing for you. it has been a big football week and will continue to be a week en. the ravens this sunday in fox
6:47 am
borrow. the bcs game tonight. >> righting. >> our coffee with this morning is with barry swifter and tommy bowdon. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome, two of the best who have ever coached a game. welcome to the morning edition. how are you? >> thank you, don and marty. can we show the audience how two legendary coaches, reach down there and grab that blanket and show them what you are covering yourself up with. >> this is great. >> mine is on the -- >> really warm in phoenix. >> mine is covered with dirt. >> we're having a rodeo. >> if a barn somewhere, what is this all about? had. >> they have grass, well listen, it is great to have you here, we won't persevere. in is a great thing tostito's has done, taken a game to the
6:48 am
troops. i remember in world war ii, baseball, it was important to take our mind off of the day. it seems to me another case of that. >> yeah, i really think that's what tostio's had in mine. it is a big part of american culture, this time of year, christmas time, they're missing the families, you have bowl games, nfl playoff, taken that to the troops since they couldn't come was a great concept on their part. >> oh, there's no question with, and but not only that, just the names that were over there. i think it lets everybody know this wasn't a wink and a blink. it was the real deal. >> it was the real deal. we had eight of the legendary football player, most after them all played professional football. i had three from oklahoma, joe washington, brian, tony, and we
6:49 am
took several great, great football players and put them on teams with u.s. troops and played a flag football game that was a lot of funment they enjoyed it as much as we did. it was well received. we have have a lot of hum vs and machine guns around the football field, several fans and cheerleaders, a flyover and a flag presentation, and national anthem. it was like a game at home but played under different circumstances on a different field with different rules. >> i couldn't help but notice you come out of the aircraft there wearing jackets, you didn't wear those most of the time, did you. >> just when we traveled but i was surprised how heavy they were, and that pot they put your honor head was heavier than the head gear, exam those troops got to carry that with an 80-pound pack on their back. it is impressive, not only the men but the women also have to. so it is not an easy chore, but
6:50 am
it was a wonderful experience, a great trip. we went to the ways there in kuwait, and wept on to iraq base camp victory and had a bowl game played there. it was a wonder experience. the troops really appreciated our being there and told us thousands of them did, many exeunts to visit with them and it was something that i will always remember, and cherish. >> thank you r for going. >> for real. i mean think of that, you guys have had some great experiences, tommy just walking into death valley. i mean it is a chilling thing, and we are talking cowboys, oklahoma, i mean you guys say it was a big deal means a lot. >> well, like i said it was a life-time experience and something surely we would do again if we had the opportunity. >> hopefully you are not going to have the opportunity but something tells me that chance
6:51 am
may present itself, may just. >> real quick while we have you, we have the bcs championship game coming up, thoughts, observations? are you happy with the system as it is? >> roll tide roll. >> we have alabama. >> we have both picked alabama. right now we are as close as you will get. the national championship the last few years has been the obvious choice and the obvious winner. >> it is not going to change. he just boiled it down and said follow the money, enover game end of discussion. >> we have to run, your time is running short. thanks for being the guys you are and thanks r for stepping up. you know what, you're men. >> thank you. we appreciate it. we enjoyed it. >> thanks,. >> thanks to tostito's. >> that's really cool. >> did you see the dust when
6:52 am
they were running through it. >> not over there, playing football. >> we were doing a mike test and i said get something done here. we have within the wjz-tv super bowl. >> first warning weather and more coming up. stay with us. ,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
. here come your updatings. >> i have the radar shows we have a storm system moving in our direction, coming in the form of snow around midnight and through the rush hour tomorrow. the forecast tonight and
6:55 am
tomorrow and the next five day, 32 tomorrow, 28 on saturday, temperatures dropping overnight lows down in the teens 32 on sunday. now for a look at the roadways and water main breaks to sharon gibala. >> we have cleared up the water main breaks except for one. we don't have many problems at all. just a traffic light that's not functioning in parkville, at taylor avenue in and the one water main break. no lanes blocked there. there's your drive time, between 95 and 83. 46 miles per hour, there's a look at the topside, and there's 95. may have to tap your brashings there. more r comfortable ways to experience the sunny cold and lacic plus, call 1 had-800-971- 2020 and set up your free
6:56 am
appointment today. mayor dixon makes a deal with state prosecutors. during a tearful news conference she announced she will step down february 4th. the city council president will become mayor, among the conditions the mayor will be allowed to keep your pension. >> an 18-year-old is waking up behind bars this morning. gordon stabbed man during a fight at the aloft hotel and is facing attempted measure didder and assault charges. police are looking for the person who shot a man during the same fight. >> ravens fans are expected to turn out for a team rally at the bank on south charles street. organizers say -- signed by the ravens players. throes the t-shirts around town. >> >> remember you can see the game right here on sunday on wjz 13 at 1:00 o'clock. stay with wjz 13 complete new, weather and traffic still
6:57 am
ahead for you this morning and a terror indictment. the man accused of trying to ,,,
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